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Do you think of your property as just a home?  
Isn’t it time to Start thinking of your Home as the Major Investment it is?

Your home is your castle, but it is also a major investment. As such, major investments should never be downplayed!
Major investments need to be managed appropriately! Businesses that undertake major investments, do not underestimate their risk – they complete RISK ASSESSMENTS on their investment(s) to identify any/or all risks that may impact that investment. Business then mitigate any identified risk to protect that investment! Businesses rarely cut costs on their Risk Mitigation strategies – doing so is counter productive.

Perth WA, is considered a high-risk area for Termites. The Australian Standards for Pest Control recommend that Termite inspections be completed annually (at minimum standards) or more frequently in high risk areas. However, many Perth Homeowners do not complete termite inspections at these recommended intervals. Potentially leaving their home investment at greater risk of termite damage and leaving themselves and their investment likely to incur expensive repair and rectification costs – not covered by most building insurance policies.

With the 2019/2020 bushfire season, just completed and subsequent floods in the Australian Eastern States – many insurers have completed their risk assessment and are no longer offering insurance protection against fires or floods in certain high-risk areas. This approach by Australian insurers is a perfect example of risk mitigation by businesses.

Yet many Homeowners, leave the Termite inspection and treatment of the home (their major investment) to Pest Control companies offering the cheapest service fee, even though we aware of James Goldsmith’s quote “if you pay Peanuts – you get Monkeys”!

Surely, when considering the Risk Mitigation of your property(s) or Investment(s) you should question:
What do companies sacrifice to allow them to provide Pest Control services at such a low rate?

  1. Does the Pest Control company sacrifice TIME?
    Is that reflected on the time they spend (or don’t spend) completing your service? Your Termite Inspection is a Risk Mitigation Strategy.
  2. Is it the Pest Control Companies job performance that is sacrificed?
    Does that imply part of the inspection is not being completed correctly or not being completed at all? OR
  3. Does the Pest Control company neglect their Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance cover leaving you at further risk with absolutely no recourse in the event, of their inadequate inspections and treatments.

It is unfortunate, that in our 30+ years as Termite Professionals – we too often, see the results of the above where due to other Pest Control companies sacrificing TIME or PERFORMANCE, Homeowners and Investors are left faced with Termite damage to the investment and too frequently, expensive repair and rectification costs caused by the incomplete Termite Risk Mitigation!

  • Pest Inspections not completed correctly and vital key areas left uninspected;
  • Termite treatments being completed but not prepared or drilled to Australian Standards, leaving the property at greater risk of termite damage in these areas.

Allocation of insufficient time results in the Pest Control Technician overlooking or not inspecting key areas, purely because they do not have enough time – which is totally unacceptable. Major High-Risk areas for Termites, remain un-inspected due to time constraints! Key areas such as:

  • the Roof Void;
  • the Subfloor; and/or
  • the Internal Wet areas

often are not inspected, due to Time constraints. Your investment is neglected due to the company’s decision to put quantity over quality. Let’s face it – quality over quantity generates the Pest Control company more money in the long term! Sacrificing time or quantity over quality – allows these Pest Control companies to book more jobs in each day, generating greater profits for them – at the potential cost of your investment!

If you are correctly managing your Termite Risk – you should question

  1. Any termite inspection that is completed in under 45 minutes. (60 – 90 minutes) would be considered an acceptable timeframe to complete a full inspection on an average sized home.
  2. Any Pest Control Inspector that does not Inspect and access your roof for termites (although, if the roof space contains insulation, the inspection may be hindered as a result of the insulation);
  3. Any Pest Control Inspector that does not Inspect and access a subfloor area (unless they can provide a good reason for their inability to complete the inspection of the subfloor area); AND
  4. Any Pest Control Inspector that does not inspect the wet areas of your investment for termite activity
    1. bathroom(s);
    2. kitchen(s);
    3. laundry.
  5. How long did the last Pest Control Technician spend completing the last Termite Inspection on your Investment?
  6. Did they access the roof?

 Any oversight or non-inspection to the areas above will leave your investment at greater risk of potential termite activity.

The Termite King currently offer 2 Termite Inspections that allow you – the Investor – to choose your level of Risk Mitigation:

  1. The Visual Termite Inspection – (approximately 45 – 60 minute duration) that inspects the vital areas of your investment for Termite Activity including:
    1. the roof void;
    2. the internal wet areas;
    3. the subfloor;
    4. sheds on the property; and
    5. the garden and yards surrounding the property, from fence line to fence line. Within 50 metres from the main dwelling.
  2. The Visual, Thermal, Radar and Moisture Termite Inspection – (approximately 45 – 75 minute duration) that inspects the vital areas (as above) of your investment for Termite Activity utilising not only a Visual Termite inspection but Termatrac’s T3i Radar, Thermal and Moisture tool for meticulous inspection on any suspicious Termite Activity in un-sighted areas of your investment – without the need to damage your walls or flooring to achieve an invasive Termite inspection.

Protect your Home Investment with the Best – Call Vanessa at The Termite King 9344 5132 and allow The Termite King Pest Control to assist with your Termite Risk Mitigation. When only the Best will do and Quality Pest Control matters!


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