Ant damage to Paving
Ants can cause Damage to the soil below Paving and Driveways

We will fix it – Guaranteed!
If the problem isn’t solved – we do the treatment again – at our cost!

There are times where Ants don’t just cause havoc to your yard, driveways or paving. Ants can access your internal cavity walls and create their nests inside your home!

When this happens, it seems there is nothing you can do to stop the constant and persistent trails of Ants inside your home. You feel like you’ve tried every possible DIY method available, but nothing seems to stop them. You know that feeling – right?

A General Pest pest solution won’t solve the problem either unless it treats the cavity walls.

You are frustrated – you, your wife, even the kids are sick and tired of the constant cleaning and removal of dead Ants! 

It’s time to call a Professional – after all you have probably spent what seems to be a small fortune on DIY remedies that just haven’t worked!

Let The Termite King Pest Control solve your Ant problem by:

  • – using the most appropriate chemical solution to eradicate these irritating Ants;
  • – by applying the right chemical, in the right area to target and eradicate your Ant problem;
  • – providing you with the ‘peace of mind’ knowing if the problem is not solved – we do the treatment again – at
        our cost!

Call Vanessa at The Termite King now 9344 5132 to arrange the eradication of your problem Ants, from your home. – When only the Best will do and quality matters!