We will fix it – Guaranteed!
If the problem isn’t solved – we do the treatment again – at our cost!

Bed Bugs are a nightmare for every resident inside an infected home. Bed Bugs are an International problem – and are most often transported into your home, on your luggage when travelling.

Bed Bugs are cheeky pests because they feed only prior to breeding – meaning that they can lie dormant for months before you realise you have a problem.

When you realise you have a problem, it is difficult to eradicate the problem without Professional assistance.

Bed Bugs feed on the contaminated room’s occupant – a member of your family, a loved one or friend! They leave nasty ‘blood sucked’ bites over your loved one’s body and blood stains on the bed lined and mattress.

Bed Bugs are best treated, by a Professional, with a combination of chemical and steam applications for successful eradication. The entire contaminated room and most often adjoining rooms will require treatment, to ensure a successful eradication. 

Don’t let others mislead you by advising multi treatments are required for successful eradication. This is not the case when done correctly – the first time!

Let The Termite King Pest Control solve your Bed Bug problem by:

  • – using a combined chemical and steam method of treatment;
  • – completing a thorough Bed Bug inspection of all bedrooms and adjoining rooms;
  • – treating all contaminated areas of your home
  • – providing you with the ‘peace of mind’ knowing if the problem is not solved – we do the treatment again – at
        our cost!

Call Vanessa at The Termite King now 9344 5132 to arrange the eradication of these problem Bed Bugs, from your home. – When only the Best will do and quality matters!