Managing and preserving Bee populations while addressing safety concerns is important to The Termite King.

Navigating bee infestations with care for the environment and your safety. The Termite King specialises in humane bee management, relocating colonies and addressing allergy risks. Trust us for eco-friendly solutions and expert advice on bee preservation. Call now for responsible bee control that protects both the ecosystem and your health.”

Bee infestations pose unique challenges to the Pest Control industry, as these buzzing insects play a vital role in pollination and ecosystem balance. However, their stings can also lead to severe allergic reactions, including anaphylactic shock, for some individuals. As a responsible pest control company, we prioritise both effective management of Bee infestations and the preservation of these important pollinators. Unless there is a medical reason, we choose not to eradicate Bees, recognising their ecological significance.


Understanding the Risks:

For individuals with Bee sting allergies, a single sting can trigger a severe allergic reaction, potentially leading to anaphylactic shock. Symptoms may include hives, throat swelling, difficulty breathing, and even loss of consciousness. It is crucial for those with known allergies to take appropriate precautions and seek medical attention urgently if stung.


Our Approach:

At The Termite King, we prioritise safety and responsible pest management. When confronting Bee infestations, we assess the situation and determine the best course of action. we recommend you to contact a Bee Keeper to safely relocate Bee colonies whenever possible, ensuring their preservation and minimiing the risk of stings to humans. 


Preserving Bees, Protecting Lives:

While we strive to manage Bee infestations responsibly, we prioritise the safety and well-being of individuals. If a Bee infestation poses a significant risk to human health or safety, we work with your local Beekeeping associations or experienced Beekeepers to ensure the proper relocation and care of the Bee colony.



At The Termite King, we understand the delicate balance between maintaining a safe environment and preserving the essential role of Bees in our ecosystem. By adopting a responsible approach to Bee infestations, we can coexist with these remarkable creatures while safeguarding against potential allergic reactions. Before contacting The Termite King for Bee Infestations, please contact your local Bee Keeping Association.


Bee Sting First Aid recommendations:

1. Remove the stinger;

2. Apply ice (or vinegar if no ice is available);

3. Wash sting site with soap;

4. Apply an antiseptic ointment.


Seek Urgent Medical Assistance if any of the following occur:

1. Trouble breathing;

2. Swelling in the throat or mouth;

3. Dizziness;


4. A deterioration in blood pressure or pulse.

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