We will fix it – Guaranteed!
If the problem isn’t solved – we do the treatment again – at our cost!

Bees are a dilemma for us at The Termite King. We understand the importance that Bees play in Nature and the Circle of Life.

However, Bees can also be extremely dangerous to some people causing Anaphylactic shock and in extreme cases death!. For this reason as Professional Pest Control Company our personal opinions are irrelevant. We must treat Bees if they are a danger to the Community.

We must also remember that even a dead Bee can be dangerous to people who suffer allergic reactions to Bees. A dead Bee can still give a nasty sting if touched or stepped on.

Bee Sting First Aid recommendations:
1. Remove the stinger;
2. Apply ice (or vinegar if no ice is available);
3. Wash sting site with soap;
4. Apply an antiseptic ointment.

Seek Medical Assistance if any of the following occur:
1. Trouble breathing;
2. Swelling in the throat or mouth;
3. Dizziness;
4. A deterioration in blood pressure or pulse.

Let The Termite King solve your Bee problem by:

  • treating the hive;
  • removing the dead bees;
  • chemically destroy the hive;
  • sealing the hive to prevent other Bees from re-activing the hive
  • providing you with the ‘peace of mind’ knowing if the problem is not solved – we do the treatment again – at
        our cost!

​Call Vanessa at The Termite King now 9344 5132 to arrange the eradication of these problem Bed Bugs, from your home. – When only the Best will do and quality matters!