We provide a Checklist of all work completed before we leave
We supply you with a Checklist of the Completed Pest Control work as we leave.

  Frequently asked Questions – FAQS get instant answers to your Pest Control questions here

**High Urgency and Importance (Immediate Action Required)** 

1. **We have found new termite workings inside the house or within 5 metres from our home. What should we do?**
Immediate professional evaluation and treatment are crucial to prevent future structural damage. It is extremely important not to disturb any nest or workings, this can cause the Termites to relocate and make them harder to locate during any future inspection. 

2. **Can termites “really” cause structural damage to my home?**
   – Yes, and the risk of structural damage requires prompt attention to prevent further deterioration.

3. **At my last termite inspection, the Pest Control Inspector did not check my roof. What should I do?**
Roof inspections are critical; contact your pest control company to complete the inspection as soon as possible. Although, if they didn’t complete your roof inspection the first time can you really trust them. Call The Termite King and we will complete a thorough inspection the first time.

4. **I have treated timber in my home. I have been told that because it is treated timber, it is safe from termite damage. Is this true?**
Treated timber is not completely immune to termites, and vigilance through regular inspections is still needed.

**Medium Urgency and High Importance (Requires Attention Soon)**

 5. **I had a pest control company recently knock on my door and sell me an expensive treatment I did not expect. Did I make a mistake?**

Verify credentials and get a second opinion from a licensed professional if you’re uncertain. Then give us 
In Australia we have protections from this type of “pressurised selling technique”. If you were not advised about your protection under the Door to Door Sales Act and that you have a cooling off period. Contact Consumer Affairs immediately.  Then give The Termite King a call to assist with your Pest Control needs

6. **I am buying a new house, and my contract requires a Pest Inspection. Which type of inspection would you recommend?**
Opt for the most comprehensive inspection to ensure the integrity of your significant investment.
Ensure you use a licenced Termite Technician for your inspection.  Building inspectors are rarely licenced Termite Inspectors.

 7. **The Termite King offer two Termite inspection options, but one includes radar, thermal, and moisture tools. Why is that? Isn’t a Visual Termite inspection enough?**

Advanced tools provide a more thorough inspection, which is crucial for long-term property protection. 

8. **Repellent versus non-repellent chemicals. What is the major difference, and what impact does it have on my property?** 
Understanding the difference can influence the effectiveness of termite treatments and future infestation prevention.


**Medium Urgency and Medium Importance (Scheduled Attention Recommended)**

 9. **My friend told me that The Termite King Pest Control doesn’t treat her house in wet weather. Why is that?**
Treatment effectiveness can be compromised by wet conditions, so it’s best to wait for optimal weather. 

10. **Is a termite treatment a “one-off” job, or do I have to have it completed often?**
While termite treatments are long-lasting, regular inspections are necessary to maintain their effectiveness.

Periodic termite inspection are also recommended in the Australian Standards, the frequency is dependent on the potential risk of Termite infestation to the dwelling.

11. **I have a concrete slab in my home. Surely Termites cannot travel through concrete, can they?**
Termites can navigate hairline cracks in concrete, and regular inspections are advised.


**Low Urgency and Medium Importance (Preventative Measures)**

12. **We keep our firewood against the house. Should I be concerned about termites in this area?**
Relocate firewood away from your home and conduct inspections to prevent termite infestation.

13. **My partner wants to put wood mulch around our house in the gardens. Will the mulch increase our risk for termites?**
Wood mulch may attract termites; consider alternatives like pebbles to mitigate this risk.

14. **Can I really bring cockroaches into my home?**
Yes, and taking precautions against inadvertently introducing them is a good preventive measure.

15. **Why am I unsuccessful in eradicating German Cockroaches with DIY products?**
Professional treatments are more effective against the rapid breeding cycle of German Cockroaches.

16. **I have heard that Bed Bugs are transportable. Is this true?**
Bed bugs can easily hitchhike on personal items; awareness and preventive measures are key.

17. **Do I need to remove spiderwebs before or after a spider treatment?**
Leave webs until after treatment to ensure effectiveness, then remove once spider activity has ceased.

18. **I have had my yards treated for Ants in the past, but shortly after the treatment, the Ants came inside. What can I do to stop the ants from coming inside after an Ant treatment?**
Often, unseen to the Homeowner, Ants will build nests in the cavit walls of your home. This can result in any external Ant treatment causing the Ants to re-route themselves to avoid the chemicals used to treat the external areas of your property.
Treat both the interior and exterior simultaneously to prevent ants from being trapped inside. Also using a non repellant chemical solution will assist in minimising the re-routing of the Ants to inside the dwelling.

For any concerns that need immediate attention or further advice, please contact The Termite King Pest Control directly.