Secure your home from disease carrying Rodents

Secure your home from disease carrying Rodents with The Termite King Pest Control. Our effective rodent control solutions target rats and mice, eliminating them and the diseases they carry. For a rodent-free environment and peace of mind, call Vanessa at 9344 5132 and ensure your home is protected by the best.

Rodents, rats or mice, pose a significant problem as they are known carriers of diseases. They thrive in unsanitary environments such as garbage areas, drains, and even sewers, becoming contaminated with various germs that can be easily transferred inside your home. The presence of these repugnant creatures is a cause for concern among most homeowners.

It is important to minimise all other potential food sources before installing any rodent baiting solutions. Like most living creatures, rodents will find a more appealing food source before turning to baits for sustenance. 

Properties with vegetable gardens and/or fruit trees are more likely to experience problems with rodents than properties without these food sources. Additionally, it’s important to note that pet food can also serve as an alternate food source for rodents, often more appealing than baits themselves.

At The Termite King Pest Control, we specialise in solving rodent problems by strategically placing rodent baits in the most appropriate areas of your home. We need your assistance to prioritise minimising other food sources to make the baits more enticing. Properties with vegetable gardens, fruit trees, and pet food may require extra attention to effectively eliminate rodent infestations. Our expertise extends to eliminating the annoying noises caused by rodents in your roof, ensuring you can enjoy a sound sleep. 

Take action against these disease-carrying rodents today. Call Vanessa at The Termite King Pest Control on 9344 5132 to arrange the eradication of rodents from your home. Trust us when only the best will do and Quality Pest Control matters! Your satisfaction and the well-being of your home are our top priorities.

Call Vanessa at The Termite King now 9344 5132 to arrange the eradication of these “disease carrying” Rodents, from your home. – When only the Best will do and quality Pest Control matters!