A Dentist to treat my Bowel Cancer not likely!
Would you trust a Dentist to treat your Bowel Cancer. Why trust a builder to complete your Termite Inspection?

Would you trust a Dentist to treat your Bowel Cancer?

No you wouldn’t!  

In the way that the education of Doctors and Dentists differ, where Dentists and Doctors specialise and spend many years being educated on different parts of the body, Building inspections and Termite inspections also differ.

Building inspections are completed by Licensed Builders, who generally have many years’ experience in the building trade. Their licenses are issued by the state Building Associations.  A building inspection – inspects the property and reports on the structural integrity of the building. The building inspection includes:

  • checking for leaks around the dwelling, including roof and/or plumbing issues;
  • checking the integrity of the electrical cabling of the property;
  • checks to confirm the structural integrity of all structures.

The Building Inspection report does not report on the presence of active Termites or old Termite workings.

Whereas, the Timber Pest Inspection, checks the property for active or old Termite (and other Timber Pest) workings and damage. This report highlights the areas within your home or property where active termites (and other Timber Pest) have been found or old termite (and other Timber Pest) damage exists.

Termite and Timber Pest Inspectors are Licenced through an Independent body – not the Building Associations (in WA they are licenced by Department of Health).

It is illegal and unethical for building inspectors – not licensed for termite identification or eradication to inspect or report on Termite (and other Timber Pest) activity. Relying on the opinion of an Unlicensed Building Inspectors Pest report could have major future implications on your new purchase and leave you facing an expensive and avoidable repair and rectification expense, as a result of the incorrect or non-identification of Termites (and other Timber Pests) prior to your purchase. As they are unlicensed, you would also expect they are uninsured against any mis-identification, which would leave you with limited recourse options available other than expensive civil action to recover for rectification expenses and a home riddled with Termites or major Termite damage.
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