A Termite Inspection is the best possible Risk Mitigation Strategy a homeowner can use on their own home! It is one that should be completed regularly, at annual intervals. Prevention is better than the Cure!

But are you getting a full and thorough inspection? Will your Pest Control Inspector…
– check the roof by entering the roof space to complete the inspection? Just standing on a ladder and looking in the roof does not constitute and inspection.
– check your subfloor (on non concrete slab homes) by entering the floor space to complete the inspection?
   – do they open the floor traps to access the sub floor?
– do they inspect the wet areas of your home, including bathroom vanities for termite activity?
– do they lift carpet edges to check for sins of termite activity?

If your Pest Control Inspector has not checked the above areas, you can not be sure that termites are not present and neither are they! Unfortunately today, many pest inspectors are not given enough time to complete a full and thorough inspection of the home, resulting in these crucial areas often being overlooked in the inspection process.

Undetected and untreated Termites in your home are a recipe for disaster. Left untreated, Termites will eventually start to feed on the wooden areas of your home – including structural supports, roof beams, wooden flooring, vanities, door frames and skirting boards. Leaving you with a potentially large restoration bill, one that was preventable and unnecessary.

Annual Termite Inspections can be likened to insuring your home against Fires, in that they help prevent Termite Damage – which in most cases is not covered by your Household Building insurances.

So before engaging a Pest Inspector to complete your Termite Inspection we suggest you use the following checklist when selecting the best inspector and company for your home…

– Are they Insured? Do they have Professional Indemnity insurance? Professional Indemnity insurance covers them (and you) against errors and omissions in the inspection process.
– Are they Licenced? Both the Company and the Technician need to be Licenced operators in WA. The Termite King company licence number is 1337 and Peter’s licence is 3042.
– Ask them how long they expect the inspection should take to complete? Anything less than 45 minutes is unacceptable and does not allow enough time for a thorough inspection.
– Ask them do they enter the roof space?  The Termite King will always access and enter the roof space the only exception is when there is no access to the roof area.
– Ask them do they enter the subfloor? A good test is to ask them if they found the subfloor access traps. If they didn’t you can bet your house that they didn’t access the subfloor.  
The Termite King will always access and enter the subfloor the only exception is when there is no access to the subfloor. 
– Ask them do they inspect all the wet areas of your home, including bathroom vanities?  If they don’t know you have 3 bathrooms, they haven’t inspected the wet areas.
– Ask them if they lift the carpet edging? If your question surprises them, you can be confident they don’t check the carpet edging.

If you get any negativity about asking the above questions – you should reconsider your choice of Pest Control Inspector!

We understand that price is often a determining factor when choosing your Pest Control Inspector but, if price mandates a sub-standard inspection – is that really money well spent?

When purchasing a Termite Inspection – you need to be confident that ALL areas of your home have been thoroughly inspected and when your property is given a “Termite Free” classification, you don’t want a Termite problem 6 weeks or 6 months in the future. Especially if you have purchased the house predicated on the ‘Termite free’ rating.

Call Vanessa at The Termite King Pest Control now 9344 5132 to arrange for your Termite Inspection (the best Risk Mitigation strategy) – When only the Best will do and quality Pest Control matters!