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Termite Treatment – What is it? Many homeowners think a termite treatment is similar to a general pest treatment and takes an hour or so to complete….
They couldn’t be more wrong. Termite treatments are a preventative “chemical barrier” installed around the external perimeter of the home to create a complete exclusion zone. Chemical is then applied to this exclusion zone, subterranean or below ground.

Chemical Barrier treatments use either:

  • Repellent Chemicals: – designed to repel or push away termites from the treated areas. Most Repellent chemicals have a lifespan of less than 5 years requiring that the treatment be re-applied within 5 years; or
  • Non-Repellent Chemicals – designed to allow the Termites to come in contact with the Chemical and allows for the free movement of the contaminated Termites – allowing them to return to their nests and cross contaminate the nest (allowing for the eventual eradication of the nest). Having a lifespan of 10 years providing greater longevity before re-application is required.

The Australian Pest Control Standards recommend inspections be completed at a minimum interval of every 12 months. Although, these standards do acknowledge that there may be situations that demand more regular inspections e.g. 6 monthly inspections.

Before commencing any Termite Treatment – The Termite King completes a full termite inspection to the property. This allows us to determine:

  • the level of activity and risk to the home;
  • if termites are present inside the home; and
  • where they are located – to ensure they are not overlooked during the treatment process.

For Sub Floor Dwellings
 – the sub floor is accessed, all support stumps, all footings  and all areas to the sub floor are trenched and treated with Chemical.

For Sub Floor and Concrete Slab Dwellings – 
all concrete and paved areas of the external perimeter are drilled to allow for application of the chemical. These drill holes may be as close as 20mm apart and approx. 100mm deep. (This part of the process can take up to 2-3 hours to complete, prior to any chemical application).

Garden areas around the external perimeter of the home are trenched and treated.

Then the chemical is applied using ‘injection rods’ that allow the chemical to be applied underground (where many termites live).

The final stage is ‘plugging’ the treatment holes in concrete areas around the external perimeter. This is done to ensure that you are not left with unsightly drill holes around your home.

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